My upcoming SXSW Presentation

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My upcoming SXSW Presentation

I am very excited to announce that I’ve been selected to present a session at SXSW this year, on Events Are Now Platforms: Seven Tools for Success.  Here is the vision behind the session:

The goal with this session is to explore how to make events better for all of us. The new ideas and relationships we all seek from events are now available to us across a continuum of ongoing social tools, so audiences give as much attention to their devices as they do to a speaker, or to the person sitting next to them.

  • How can we as event participants, producers, and sponsors best adapt to this new reality?
  • How can these digital tools serve to humanize and improve our experiences, and make us more present, as opposed to being just another source of distraction and overwhelm?

The session will offer an opportunity to join with leaders in the field as we explore best practices for using the wide array of tools that are emerging in the event space.

In keeping the session’s vision about how events have been changed by social media and new digital tools, and that they no longer exist in a vacuum, I hope to enter into a dialog with you here on the site, whether you will be able to join us in Austin in March or not. With that in mind, what are your thoughts on how events have changed, and how you’ve adapted to keep pace?