The “Dinner Party” that is our SXSW Session

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The “Dinner Party” that is our SXSW Session

The advantage of leading a Core Conversation at SXSW is that it’s not a Panel.  Rather than invite a few talking heads to sit in the front of the room, my vision is to invite a number of leaders in the space to come together to explore how Events are now Platforms and the Tools for Success we all need.

I want to start with two special announcements:

The first is that Loic Le Meur, founder of Le Web and Seesmic is going to join me as the official co-presenter of the conversation.  I am delighted about this for a number of reasons, including Loic’s real world experience and perspective as the producer of one of tech’s leading global events and his deep involvement in building and using social media tools.

I am also delighted to announce that Robert Scoble is also going to join us for the discussion.  The only reason he too isn’t an official co-presenter is that we are only allowed two of us, but he has agreed to come join us, and share his perspective.  I see this as another big boon, given his role as one of our industry’s foremost event participants, and a premiere “super-user” of all manner of tech tools.  I am very excited to be able to add his voice to our discussion.

I will have a longer list of invited guests to announce soon, but as I work on it, my question for you, is who else should I be sure to include?  And even if they can’t join us in person in Austin, who should be in the loop for the dialog remotely before, during and after?

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