The Event Graph as it played out at SXSW

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The Event Graph as it played out at SXSW

Those of us who work in the event business, know how particularly intense it can get sometimes, with only so many hours until ‘Showtime!”.

For me, SXSW and our session there on “Events are Now Platforms: Seven Tools for Success” came sandwiched right in between two major events I was involved in SignalP&G in Cincinnati, and Signal San Francisco, which just ended yesterday.

Hence the delay in getting back to you all with even this placeholder post:

Our session at South by Southwest was a huge success, filing and overfilling the room with event producers, tool providers and others hungry for conversation about how events are changing.

It was a truly interactive core conversation with lots of input from many quarters.

This Storify post from founder Xavier Dammon, can help give you a feel: (and also showcase a very cool new technology for creating content on the fly, on the iPad, while at an event!)

Most exciting, there was a strong desire to continue the dialog online.  While a formal mechanism isn’t in place for that yet, I encourage everyone to weigh in on the comments, either here or in Google+.

In the meantime, some of the key themes from the session included:

— How to integrate sponsorship that doesn’t suck

— How to market events against the backdrop of everyone’s overwhelm and challenges for where to put their attention

— The role of technology, both in exacerbating some of the above problems, but also offering new solutions as we move forward

I’ve got more posts coming soon to further flesh out some of what we discussed, and to suggest more and other interesting tools that may play a role in transforming events for the future.

But in the meantime, let us know in the comments what seems most important to you, regardless of whether you were able to join us in person or not. Thanks!