“The ‘Atomic Unit’ of Instagram is an Image” –Kevin Systrom

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“The ‘Atomic Unit’ of Instagram is an Image” –Kevin Systrom

I wrote the other day about a number of speaker’s at John Battelle’s Signal San Francisco Conference spontaneously sharing what they see as the “atomic unit” of their particular product or service.

I then tried to do just that in this post on The ‘Atomic Unit’ of a Conference

The distillation process represented may be even more worthwhile as one applies it to a larger variety of enterprises.

Let’s consider what else might  benefit through being examined through this lens:

While not straight from the horse’s mouth, like they were at FM Signal, here are some of my answers to the above, for your consideration:

 The Atomic Unit of Facebook is a __________     “Personal sharing”

The Atomic Unit of Google + is a ___________      “Piece of crawled content”

The Atomic Unit of Apple is  ______________     “An unboxing”

The Atomic Unit of ________  is a ____________

Please fill in the blanks in the comments  and let us know what you think.

By the way, I also tried to research a little more on the root of some of this “Atomic Unit” thinking, and came up with this great video from Marissa Mayer, on the Atomic Unit of media consumption, vis a vis Google News and the Newspaper and print media worlds:

Google VP Marissa Mayer on the atomic unit of media consumption…

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