Brian Duggan, Founder

Brian Duggan I am an Event Strategist who helps Event Producers, Sponsors and Technology Firms partner for success.  Early in my career, I started out staging large consumer expositions, and then moved into creating cooperative marketing programs and sponsorship opportunities.

Developing and selling high ticket “intangible” programs that deliver tangible results has become a specialty for me, as has helping clients generate real business development and thought leadership value from something that starts with just an inspired idea.  As live events and the digital world continue to overlap, I lead a Salon each year for the Event and Technology Communities at SXSW, and continue to develop programs that leverage the latest technologies for our clients’ competitive advantage.

John Grosfeld, Director of Business Development

John is a talented sales executive specializing in cutting edge, Internet, mobile, social, advertising, marketing and entertainment markets. He has a nearly 20 years of event and media sales experience including large tradeshows, boutique marketing and technology conferences, start-up events, awards programs and technology and ad industry media.

John utilizes a consultative sales approach to understand a client’s technology, market, objectives and priorities to develop custom media and marketing programs that provide a positive return on their investments.

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