building sustainabilityWhether you are an event producer, a sponsor, or a technology firm, we start by defining what event success looks like for you. This almost always centers on sales, thought leadership and lasting impact. We then work with you to develop a strategy to leverage the best new event tools and technologies (as they become available), in service to that success.

This can include key technologies such as:

  • Twitter and other social media
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online content marketing programs
  • iBeacon, and other location and proximity-based solutions
  • CRM systems
  • Online Video
  • Wearables

We then integrate these as core components in effective event marketing and sponsorship campaigns.
Finally, we work with you to evolve these approaches for ongoing impact, even as technology, and its impact on live events, continues to evolve.Working as part of your team, we seek to cost-effectively extend your ability to achieve your goals, on a flexible and evolving basis, through:

  • Events and Event Sponsorship Programs
  • Multi-party cooperative and cause–related marketing programs
  • Thought Leadership programs
  • Alliance & Partnership programs
  • Hybrid programs, such as those which extend print magazines into events, or event programs online, or that bring online communities to life through in-person events