connected networksHow does our approach serve PROPERTIES (including events, media entities, non-profits, and others)

We help conceptualize how  your properties can be more attractive to funders, and especially Corporate Sponsors, including inventorying your existing assets.

Program Development
We specialize in enhancing the Thought Leadership opportunities you have to offer, with the goal of dramatically increasing your attractiveness and value to Sponsors and other Alliance Partners.

Sales and Sales Management
We recognize that the above services are only valuable if they are translated into concrete sales. We work closely either on our own or with your internal resources to maximize revenues from all your alliance and sponsorship efforts.


  • Assistance in maximizing the return from your investments in Sponsorship and Alliance Programs.
  • Development and implementation of effective Thought Leadership and Content Marketing Strategies, including integration of both live event and online components.
  • Creation of cooperative marketing campaigns that reduce costs and maximize impact.
  • Strategic Consulting on your event strategies, including how to tap new technology to get maximum leverage from your public speaking and trade show appearances.
  • Development and Evaluation work around any Proprietary Events you may choose to stage yourselves, including Program Development and Alliance Strategies.