Building Alliances

                                                …Between new technologies and in-person events

                                                …Between leading brands and breakthrough experiences

                                                …Between online start-ups and the offline world

Building Alliances helps event producers, sponsors and technology companies partner for success in our new “cyber-physical” world.

We do this around events in particular, by developing and implementing effective, thought leadership & alliance programs that serve your strategic objectives.

What does our work look like?

  • Helping a media company or other event producer to develop compelling new ways to leverage technology in service to their best customers.
  • Helping an online start-up make best strategic use of the landscape of live events.
  • Helping a leading brand get a measurable return on a breakthrough sponsorship or thought leadership program.

We look forward to exploring with you exactly how we can best be of assistance to your organization.

Brian Duggan

Contact us:
Building Alliances, LLC

About our Free ConferenceBites Service:

For the last five years, we have offered a free service to our clients and prospective clients. Called ConferenceBites, it is an outgrowth of our focus on emerging thought leaders and breakthrough ideas.

We cover leading conferences in the areas of technology, sustainability, social media, holistic health, business management and others, and provide an online digest of some of the key quotes from leading thinkers.  This keeps us, and our clients, in touch with breaking trends and emerging leaders, and fuels our alliance programs on their behalf.  Please join us by subscribing at or by following our Twitter stream.